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Re: The Gorge Q&A and FAQs

Gold camping is new for dmb this year. Liz found this info and posted in gorge thread...

Originally Posted by eliz
Found this on the "Pilgrimage to the Gorge" Facebook page:

Gold camping in a nutshell: gold camping is more for RVs really tents may also be pitched. Camping is on the Amphitheater side, closer to gates. No shuttle, short walk to the main gates instead. Not as beautiful as Terrace camping, no coffee and dounuts, it's all about location closer to the amphitheater. Camp site will be 50x25.

Apparently they do this for Watershed (someone commented as such), so now they're opening it up for DMB. Not sure what the advantage is over Terrace, except proximity.

Gorge FAQ
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