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Re: How do I find the fingerprints/checksum #s on my torrent?

It's one thing to be vigilliant against bad shows, it's another to be a dick to someone who's willing to go through the effort of getting a show up in a torrent. Shouldn't we be encouraging education of how to do this the right way, so in the long run we have more quality seeders, than be a dick, and discourage them from being in the community?

If he's asking for help on how to be a better trader, then point him to the resources he can learn from to be the trader you wish he was. Isn't that in your best interest, instead of being snobby about it?

After all of this, although I understand BT well enough to configure the downloading right, and FLAC/SHN enough to decode for myself, I'm not sure what the best course of action would be if you have a show in FLAC that you don't have / no longer have the fingerprints for.

I think a major objection these guys was having is that ffp's should be from the originial encoder... kind of like a certificate of authenticity from an antiques dealer... but frankly, whoever uploaded the first time could have gone lossless > lossy > lossless and then ffp'd that, for all we know. Hopefully there's enough people out there that know by now that that is a bad idea, since every FLAC/SHN download from the beginning of time seems to have that warning at the top...
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