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Re: Why You Can't Bring Boyd Back...

I didn’t know we were defending him now.. wow how things changed... I’m not a homophobe. Sorry if you don’t get a sense of humor on a thread about a guy who stole men’s socks and jerked off with them. If you can’t laugh at that you’re dead inside... the band did not come rushing to his side to defend him nor pretend he didn’t do theses things.. don’t you think of you’re friends with someone for 30 years you’d at least be on his side for awhile unless you know they’re true? Dave won’t even talk about with any details so to spare Boyd further embarrassment and possibly more fuel to the fire...

Also here’s an article of Boyd being accuse of “massive addiction to pedophilia” first page of google.. I didn’t make it up assholes. It’s unlikely true but he was accused of it..

“Among other things, Rothenberg accuses Tinsley of having a “pedophilic sex addiction” and creating “a wonderland he currently calls ‘Narnia’” in pursuit of “potential sexual conquests.” The lawsuit also accuses Tinsley of retaliating against people who “attempted to leave his cult of personality,” leaving them “emotionally and psychologically wrecked.”

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