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Re: The NHL Thread

Really great piece on the resurgence of the Chicago Blackhawks done by SportsNet in Canada:

I know it's a topic that has been beaten to death, but the turn around of this franchise has been pretty unreal. I mean, this piece was written in 2007:

It's not like we're talking about something in the distant past, this was written the same year Kevin Durant and Adrian Peterson were drafted. This was an organization that sold star players and didn't broadcast home games on TV less than a decade ago. Now they're talked about as the class of the NHL, the franchise everyone else wants to be. Win or lose this series, it's fun to be a Blackhawk fan again. There are more Hawk fans out and about here in Chicago than just about any other franchise. The only one that rivals it are the Bears, who will probably be the kings of this town until I die, so to see the Hawks as really the 2nd most popular team in the city is insane...considering where they were not that long ago.

Worth a watch. Especially if you're an ignorant Brohan-type that hates the Hawks "bandwagoners".

Also cool to hear Keith, Toews and Kane discuss this.
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