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Hi all, we are going to make a designated thread for these topics so please refrain from your setlist game or chat in the show thread.

Rules: Post discussion of your Setlist game under the Setlist Game/Chat thread in the DMB Tour Discussion forums FOR ALL SHOWS. We do not want to see 0/0/0 squirm in the show thread or "hahah mercy --> OOMH sucks for you guys!!" People at the show knows it sucks they don't need to read about it from Setlist watchers!

There will not be a thread for each show. Just continue thoughout the tour in this thread. At the night of a show simply go to the last page and discuss your game here.

Simple. The show thread should be for those attending the show to discuss plans beforehand, post during the show if they want to and discuss what they thought afterwards.

Violate and be banned.


TGIF, hope you all have a great weekend.

Jamie and Sarah
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