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Re: Guests - the best live versions of songs donít feature guests, except...

Originally Posted by HonestDenver1 View Post
Cortez the Killer with Warren Haynes Gorge 2011-- Face melted off

Cortez the Killer with Neil Young at Shoreline Bridge School Benefit.. Full band acoustic show with Neil guesting... Unreal.
Warren was always amazing on Cortez - at CP the place was going absolutely nuts for that one.

Originally Posted by space_raven View Post
This version of JTR/John the Revelator/Rain Down on Me with Carlos Santana, Bela Fleck, and others from Giants Stadium on 5/25/99 has always been a favorite of mine.
That show was crazy, we didn't think they could top the year before with Bela and BVJ but wow was that a great show even if the lunch ladies drove the crowd nutty at times by wailing on and on seemingly forever.

6-10-97 at Jones Beach - Seek Up with Bela and Popper was nuts, easily the best I ever saw.

2-24-95 at Roseland - Watchtower with Popper and Trey, that venue was small and it felt like the place was going to fall over the fans were so into it and that place was as loud as seeing an insane Halloween at MSG during an early 2000's winter tour. I have seen so many guests on Watchtower it is amazing but this was head and shoulders above any other version I know of.

9-2-95 at the Meadows they did a Rhyme and Reason with David Ryan Harris that was crazy, they just nailed that. In fact any of those shows with DRH from summer/fall 1995 are great listens.
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