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Re: Random dmb thoughts that don't need their own thread

Originally Posted by mquerques92 View Post
I'll second all of this and add that it has probably my favorite Rapunzel and a great DIDO. Plus Waste is always a fun rarity.
I just listened up through to the encore and this has gotta be one of my new favorites. It's certainly one of the more unique setlist's I've listened to in a while and everyone is really crushing it. LeRoi is up front for his solos, and I like what the LL are doing on most of what I've heard so far. Really happy I picked this up, cause it'll be a go to show for me for a bit. JTR, Prelude, Mother Father, Sleep to Dream Her and even True Reflections is a fun listen with Roi going off on the end. Thank you everyone who helped me pull the trigger on this.
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