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Re: *** Official Denver, CO 2021

Originally Posted by HonestDenver1 View Post
If you've never been to Denver, I wouldn't recommend staying near the venue.. It's mass suburbia and business buildings, malls etc... Very pretty, I grew up near there, but not much to do for visitors. If you happened to find an airbnb you'd likely be in a condo or home in a random neighborhood.

Stay near downtown Denver, you'll be much better off during non-show times with fun stuff to do, explore. Lightrail is easy to get to from just about anywhere there and it will drop you off walking distance to the show.

October is pretty great here as long as it doesn't snow!
Good info but post show I imagine itís going be tough to get an Uber and the prices will be high for a trip from the venue to downtown/city spots compared to just a 5-10 min uber ride if we stay close.

What is Lightrail?
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