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Re: ***Official Mansfield 2020***

Originally Posted by TypicalBilly14 View Post
If you want to beat the traffic for real, even if you are in the pay lots, you want to start walking during the encore. My system is I usually wait to see the first song is going to be of the encore and unless its earth shattering or something that I'm in the mood to hear, I start jogging or walking fast during the first notes of the first song of the encore. If I'm in the first pay lot on the right off the highway, I boogey right to the side walking path that connects that lot to the free lots and make it to my car with the wife and we get out of dodge. If you are in the free lots and are not completely boxed in by, say a jersey barrier or another car or someone left their grill out and you can't get around, it is plausible to make it to your car in the free lots and get out with maybe a 15 minute wait, depending where you are in the free lots.

The problem with Mansfield of course is the bottleneck to the one area that everyone is trying to get to to leave.
I have great Mansfield memories too...but the lots are tough. You have to make it out before they shut down the exit for the tour busses. The boys leave right after the show, so when the lights come on after the encore, the police shut down the main exit (Again, Mansfield is a bottleneck) for the tour busses. And they're closed until the band leaves. You are stuck if you're not out before that.
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