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Re: Ants Podcast 58 - This Warehouse Frightens Me (See I'm Leaving) - Discussion Thre

Originally Posted by dmbolp View Post
How about just following thru with the Warehouse policy:

Seniority Ticketing Status
For the majority of shows, returning members will be offered priority seating based upon their original date of membership. The longer you remain a member of the Warehouse, the better your seats at shows will be.

I have put in for ATL and WPB (as well as many others) every single year since 1999, and my seats have gotten worse EVERY SINGLE YEAR (if not declined altogether), never better.

Or do away with this bait-and-switch policy
This post is where I am and will always be.quite frankly I don't care what newer fans want. They already have the pit which sucks. The best lowers should go to warehouse by join date like the policy states.

It's not enough that they added the pit. Then they added premium seating then they decided the tier thing. Not sure why I keep renewing.

It would be one thing if they didn't have a policy. But they do.
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"The news was broke by 'dmbmuskie' on a 90's college band message board" - CBS Sports
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wow that was a classic ricky deflection

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