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Re: Ants Podcast 58 - This Warehouse Frightens Me (See I'm Leaving) - Discussion Thre

Originally Posted by dmbolp View Post
Nah...I give up, the Warehouse has won

I put in for 11 shows in 2012 (got will called for a 2nd stint, for eternity), 7 shows in 2015 (declined for 4, pushed back for $75 uppers for the other 3), so this year I only put in for my home show ATL this year, somehow got what I asked for, 4 $85 Lowers, so I'm done complaining about the Warehouse.

Plus, too many folks claiming that the 600+ requests used in the data was "too small of a sample size"...yeah, I'm not splitting the atom, I'm gathering info on a band's message board to show an obvious bias about tickets, not worth it anymore.
it's not so much that the WH has won, it's just that our priorities have changed.

when the WH first started, the only thing I cared about was getting tickets. I just wanted to get in the door. Now it's Pit/Lowers/Uppers. Obviously if you've been in a while you're going to want to be up close. But as Joe pointed out if everyone old gets up close it's basically a ponzi scheme and new WH members will never get up close.

the answer is somewhere in the middle; where I don't know.
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