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Re: 2022 Tour Rumors / Confirmations (See First Post for Latest Update)

Originally Posted by mynameismike View Post
They are doing it for Cisco, family members company. Brittany Howard will be playing as well

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Haha wow... yep, here's the link:

Little story... My wife and I snuck our way into the 2019 Cisco Live show at Petco Park in San Diego. Free Foo Fighters concert and Weezer was the opener. All you could eat and drink. Open bars.

I shouldn't even say "snuck in." It was effortless. We went downtown, parked by the stadium and started looking for people with conference lanyards and wristbands amongst the downtown bar scene crowd. First person we asked gave us an extra wristband. Second person laughed at us for asking, but then we ran into a guy giving away another wristband. At the gates to the park, they didn't even check our wristband anyway. From parking to walking into the show, maybe 20 minutes?

I realize this DMB show in Vegas isn't at a major baseball stadium, but my advice to any of you in Vegas is to go to the venue and talk to people outside. You may just have a hell of a good night.
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