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Re: Met Dave Matthews tonight ... IN THE STUDIO!!

Well ……. Just left the studio. I sat outside for about 30 minutes and guess who pulls up at 3:45pm in a black Tahoe? DAVE! I took a pic with him and asked for one of his signature sketches (I brought photo paper and a sharpie with me). He was SUPER SUPER chill! So … as he’s sketching we had a conversation:

Me: So you’re in town working on a new CD?
Dave: I am!
Me: Awesome! A solo project? I loved your last one!
Dave: Not exactly. More like a collaboration with some friends.
Me: Oh! Like the previous “Dave and Friends” project?
Dave: Exactly! But this time we brought in Jakob Dylan, and a few other special guests.

He then thanked me for my service (I was in uniform). I again told him how much I enjoyed the last album and Snow Outside was me and the wife’s favorite new song. We then just kept thanking each other a few more times lol …

So … there you have it …. Dave and friends to include Jakob Dylan coming soon via Blade studios.

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