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Re: Met Dave Matthews tonight ... IN THE STUDIO!!

Originally Posted by Pele0069!!!!! View Post
Why the hell is everyone believing someone who has 20 posts?
Lol .... I know it sounds crazy! I saw all over Facebook that he was in town. Someone posted on the "independence bowl foundation" Facebook page that they met him downtown and that Dave mentioned he was in town working at Blade studios. So since its only 5 minutes from my house I drove down there. As soon as I pulled in the parking lot about ten people were standing outside the loading dock with assorted "Wal-Mart" type guitars. Right as I walked up someone from the inside opened the double doors and let everyone in. Dave came and introduced himself and started signing the guitars. I quickly realized through the conversation that everyone was from the local St. Judes Hospital and it was an arranged "meet and great" type event. Some of the guitars seemed like they were their personal instruments, but I have a feeling some might be for future auction via St. Jude. There were other musicians there, but I didnít recognize anyone, they definitely were not from DMB. I heard that Jakob Dylan was in town, but Iím not real familiar with him so unsure if he was there at the time. I told Dave I enjoyed his new album and that Snow outside was a new favorite of the wife and I. He said ďI appreciate thatĒ. I asked if he was here working on a new solo album and he just looked up and smiled. Richard

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