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Re: DMB in Rock Band (Video game)

Originally Posted by BLile View Post
I coudn't stop reading through that thread for a couple reasons:

1) I can't believe there are people that take Rock Band that seriously, like calling their guitars a "5 button", or the guy who denotes his cousin as (guitar) and his cousin's wife as (vocal). I guess they believe they are in a real band?

2) How many people can't stand Dave's voice. Maybe it's because I generally surround myself with people of a certain social caliber, but I've never really heard anyone say they found Dave's voice annoying.

3) I don't know how anyone could like a couple of the band's songs and not instantly become hooked like we all did. Like the one guy that said Ants Marching was his favorite song in the 90's, but he doesn't like much else in the band's catalogue. How is that even possible?
Really? That's one of the biggest complaints I've heard against DMB. Personally, I find the early performances grating at times because of the way he used his voice back then. And I've been around for a while.
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