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Re: ***Chula Vista 09/07/12***

Originally Posted by DMBBeav View Post
Got PIT tix through Warehouse...but just went dicking around with the pre-sale....74 Pit tickets still available? Is it safe to say the Warehouse and Pre-sale got all the Pit tickets? How many people does this Pit hold?
No way that all the Pit tickets would be given to the WH and Citi. LiveNation owns the venue so you can bet some were definitely held back for their own release. The Pit is one of the better Pits as far as I could tell. Not too crowded in 2010 compared to some of the other venues. I'm not sure the # that the Pit holds but I think we had a total number so if you want to dig out the Chula thread from 2010 you might be able to find out that info.
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