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Re: Premium Ticket Packages

Originally Posted by comeandsee41 View Post
bingo, isnt that the point of "seniority" in a fan club. right now, what is (is there one) the ONE benefit seniority gets you?

edit: and if you can get pitt from TM, then why do i keep renewing? not bitching (sort of) just legitimately asking
My issue is that I fucking HATE GA pit, because I don't like being crammed in with a bunch of sweaty drunks and dumbass teenagers who feel it's perfect alright to push and shove their way in front of you, so I'd prefer a seat behind the pit, and now at least some portion of those seats will only go to those willing to pay much more than "face" value.

To put this in perspective, when Live Nation has offered "premium" or "VIP" seating in the past, they've cost in the range of $250 and up, per ticket.
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