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Re: Premium Ticket Packages

Originally Posted by acousticmike80 View Post
Ive been in the Warehouse for 12 years (been to 54 shows) and only have gotten true PIT seats twice.

It is not as if the most senior members are sitting up front for every show....believe me.
People don't want to hear this, but it's absolutely true. The two biggest fallacies about seniority are that senior members were up front every single night, and that with the GA pit senior members would be right behind it in the center.

Originally Posted by Firedancer627 View Post
Perhaps I read it wrong...but it looks like the premium plans would be offered to warehouse members only? Looks like it really won't impact seniority...
A certain number of "premium" seats (which I don't think can mean anything other than some of the best seats in the pavilion) will now go to people willing to pay insane prices and will be taken out of the seating assignment pool. How exactly will that not affect seniority?
Baker's Dozen.
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