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Re: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Originally Posted by unccrombie View Post
Lack of gun recoil and huge shotgun range. Yuck
Actually, not at all. Recoil is about even with Black Ops, maybe a little less, but so far no one's found this game's ACR, which was a laser.

And the shotgun is, again, somewhere in between Black Ops and MW2. I think this might end up being the perfect shotgun range. Shotguns were a novelty in Black Ops, you used them just to use a shotgun, not to do well. If they're going to be a primary, which they are in MW3, they have to be worth it. If the MW2 shotguns had been primaries, they would've been well balanced. These are actually less powerful than those.

Although one of your weapon proficiencies with shotguns is to increase range, right to about the MW2 range.
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