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Re: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Originally Posted by doesmusicbest View Post
Right, and I agree. But you've played a COD game before. You know the community. Can you honestly say that a good portion of them aren't going to choose the branch where they get to kill as many people as possible? Sure, the people worth playing with may choose support, but nothing that I have learned from my years of COD playing has led me to believe that the average COD player is a selfless team player.

Edit: This system seems built for full teams of friends playing together. Problem is, that's not the case most of the time. I would say groups of 2, maybe 3 are the most common, outside of the lone player.
No, you're right, most will probably choose the offensive. I know plenty of people that run the 8/9/11 killstreaks just for the sake of getting a ton of kills. I know a guy that has like a 3.5 k/d overall, but his highest gun k/d is a 3.1 (shows how frequently he killwhores with the high streaks). He's also a big TDM guy, simply because there's no need to contribute to an objective and he can camp for his streaks.

I've always been more of a defensive guy myself. I've never played a game of BO without the Spy Plane except for a few times we all ran RC's as a team in S&D, so I'd probably take the defensive streaks and use the Blindside perk.
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