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Re: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Originally Posted by doesmusicbest View Post
Sounds like they're making it a shit-ton easier to get "kill" streaks, which is the opposite direction I was hoping they'd go. And the assault branch is going to be what 95% of people choose. Visually it looks pretty much the same as the last 2. If I do buy a multiplayer FPS this year I can't see myself getting this over Battlefield.
Well you gotta think about the people that don't give a crap about k/d or anything and are always there to cap a territory. It now gives an incentive to be a team player and not be penalized for not really being that good at killing (although in theory you'd expect that to be a must in a FPS shooter lol).

I like the idea of seperating the killstreaks into offensive and defensive. Although I'm more than capable of consistently getting the highest killstreaks if I ran them, I always hated the people that would run the highest killstreaks with the purpose of just killwhoring (the 8/9/11 streakers from BO for example. 7/11/25 streaks for MW2 comparison). There's really no need for one person to have that kind of firepower, because then the objective games turn into camping for killstreaks.

Besides, with the way BO is setup, if you play with people that are good enough, 1 blackbird will lead to an endless chain of Blackbirds, Choppers, Gunships and Dogs, and then the opposing team has almost no chance of mounting a comeback because it becomes impossible to even camp once those chains start. It's a good idea in theory, but with the ease of getting 8 kills it can lead to games getting out of hand quickly.

Then the other thing you have to think about is if you run a team of 6 offensive guys versus 6 defensive guys for example, the 6 defensive guys are going to fare much better, simply because they'll be capable of supplying UAVs all game and it will stunt the offensive players killstreaks (unless there's just a huge skill difference).
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