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Re: What irritates you?

Originally Posted by doesmusicbest View Post
Oh god don't get started on annoying film students. That's a long and tiring road
When I write more in-depth reviews in the movie thread, I try not get overly pretentious with why I thought the movie was either so good or so bad. I probably fail at points. But today for example, one of my classmates just took it to another level when we were having a discussion on the film we watched last week and how it related to the idea that laughter is the best medicine - which if he said only that, I would have been fine with since it's a pretty common theory that people are very familiar with....but he had to make it a point that it was a Freudian theory, and it's just like...come on, dude. If it weren't such a well-known theory that most people weren't familiar with, the Freud mention would be suitable and potentially heighten the discussion, but in this case, it was very clear that he was just trying to impress the teacher.
- Casey

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Pro abortion is anti-STD. Because kids are the worst STD you can get.
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