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Re: What irritates you?

Originally Posted by proppenator View Post
It amazes me how many people do not understand how to properly speak into a microphone.

All of my pet peeves are work related (doing live sound).

-People who hold a microphone down by their stomach and talk as if they are in a fucking library.

-People who assume I can deliver messages to the band/get them backstage/announce Billy Bob's bachelor party

-People who think it's ok to set their beer/water on a $20,000 mixing board. Seriously, it's 2011, do you understand the concept of moisture and electronics. If it fucks up, the show is over. ... similarly people who put drinks on a case that has "NO DRINKS" in bright yellow gaff tape.

-Drunk bitches who ask "So, are you like the DJ?"

-The band leaves the stage, the house lights are on and the music has stopped for 20 minutes and people ask "So, are they done?"

-Drunk people in general.

Not work related but the biggest ever is people who do not accelerate when getting on the highway.

There are more but this list could go on forever. I'm just a bitter soul

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