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Re: What irritates you?

People who text 30 seconds into a movie when said movie requires you to pay attention to the plot and then they go onto claim, "I didn't like it, it didn't catch my interest." I literally had a 45 minute argument on this with my friend who does this all the time.

Driving - many. Defcon got most of them. But ones he didn't get were slowing way the hell down when either merging on or off the freeway, or slowing way the hell down before making a right turn in which I have to slow down to 10 mph. Also people who creep through the parking lot when there are no empty spaces trying to decide what to do.

When people make super corny facebook statuses about how much they super dooper love their significant other.

People who think they're entitled to everything.

Losing internet connection.

People who only go up or down one floor on the elevator. Take the stairs.

People who don't understand proper tipping etiquette at bars/restaurants.

People who are clearly trying way too hard to please the professor. Happens all the time in my Film Studies classes.

I have countless others. You'll be hearing more from me tomorrow.
- Casey

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