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Re: What irritates you?

Originally Posted by Rodey View Post
This usually happens a few times a week with me, but for some reason, I get really irritated when people can't say a simple "thanks" or "thank you" when you hold a door open for them. If I physically stop and hold the door until you reach it, the least you could do is grunt. Ungrateful people I tell you. I'm just gonna start saying "you're welcome" even if they don't say anything.

So, what irritates you?
This is why I don't hold doors, or do anything nice for strangers, unless it's at work or somewhere that I need to act like a human being.

Originally Posted by ji/\/\ithing View Post

with a few exceptions.

Most of my irritations involve driving, which I'm proud to say I won't be doing much of where I'm moving. Examples include:
  1. People who don't use the turn signal or leave it on for no reason
  2. people who tailgate me when I'm driving 10-25 mph over the speed limit
  3. anyone who drives a minivan
  4. people who don't know what to do at a 4 way stop sign
  5. people who double park
  6. dogs barking, cats meowing, kids crying...I will actually say something to someone at a restaurant if their kid is annoying
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