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Re: What irritates you?

We had a huge pet peeves thread a while back that had a lot of good ones. And a separate one on driving, but god it would take me all day listing all those.

Groups of kids that talk loud in a quiet environment, such as a restaurant or in class. In LA there's often a certain ethnic group (Persians, n/r, it's truth at least for my age group) that hangs out in packs and seemingly everyone in the bunch yells in their own language and laughs at near 90 decibals. It's so inconsiderate.

People who talk in class in general while the prof is lecturing. If I hear the conversation and it's not related to the material, I will be the first to say "shut the fuck up".

Bros. I think it's just SoCal Valley thing, but kids who wear plaid, high socks and shorts, sunglasses and douchey haircuts, date ugly tramp stamp bitches, and act like they're the shit when the majority of them that I know are like, in 5th year community college. Die.

Skateboarders on campus, usually acting like they own the sidewalk. What are you, 11? I've been hit twice this quarter by these douchers. I looked one of them in the eye and kicked their skateboard to the side, without a word.

When I hold the door open for one person, I expect them to pass through with a smile. However, when I'm walking out of class and a whole group of 200 is rushing out and I hold the door open, YOU TAKE THE DOOR AND HOLD IT OPEN FOR THE NEXT GUY. Often someone just waltzes right through, and I end up clogging up the line, sure enough I'm holding the door for the next three people. I'm not a fucking doorman.


People who can't hold a conversation. I understand some people are less talented than others, BUT HOLY GOD at dinner when someone asks how's you and so and so or how's working at so and so you reply "it's good" and "we're good" it makes me want to throw my hot soup in your face.

I agree with you Jordan, I'm just gonna start saying "you're welcome" to people, but that happens rarely to me as everyone's usually polite as far as please and thank you, which is surprising for LA.

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