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Re: First Time

Okay, it was awesome

all day at school i was talking to her and shit trying to get her to come over. Well she said se wanted to but had to tell her aunt or some bullshit so when school let out she went and told her aunt or whatever so we go to my house. when we get here she asks where my guitar was (i usually have it here at the computer) i told her upstairs and she said that we should go up to my room for me to play it. Of course when we get up there she dives onto my bed while i'm getting my guitar. I play a little bit then i put it down and laid down with her. We start talking about stuff and then start making out. I go for the pants and pull them off while she was takin my shirt off. We eventually are both naked (i keep my socks on bc i'm a badass) and we are making out. She starts so push on me a little bit and says i want you on top of me. My cock is fucking rock solid now while we are kissing and she asks me if o had a condom. I said yeah and she was like go grab it. I don't know why i'm saying this cause no one will beleive me but happens next is the honest to god truth:
She takes my cock and puts it in her and we start to fuck. It felt great!!!!!! The part you won't believe... i lasted like 4 minutes. She called me a fucking Stallion! We did 4 different positions and she was biting my ear and sucking on my neck it was so hot. I ended up having to stop cause it was begining to hurt her. she played with my balls and beat me off into the condom. It was wonderful. We laid there for about 30 minutes talking and stuff and then i got up and was like "i'm taking a shower" and she told me to turn it on and she was getting in with me. We get in the shower and she starts making out with me again under the shower head and i move me hand down to her clit and start rubbing. After about a minute i can tells she wants it to i ask if i can put it back in and she says she wants it and then we fuck bare on the fllor of the shower.

all in all a great succes
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