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VanHorneDog 08-28-2007 12:01 AM

Re: Official YouTube Thread

ok, who are these guys im bitchfighting with???


DMBstandUP1984 02-22-2021 05:40 PM

Re: Official YouTube Thread

HonestDenver1 03-01-2021 03:46 PM

Re: Official YouTube Thread
What's with the management's decision to remove some of the drive ins? I don't get what the fear is now that they've been out. Are they holding this stuff in vaults for later? Like the 2004 show they put out.. I watched it. It was great. We already have the official audio, why not just let the video stay on? What's the harm? Dead & CO did the same thing...

I'm certainly never going to spend money on them if they were to ever be released as stand a lones.. Unless the band is going to come up with a streaming video platform of old shows. You'd think youtube is the perfect place for them for the time being... What's the value in locking it back up?

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