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clrobnsn 06-26-2018 04:16 PM

Assign track names to downloaded concerts

I have downloaded a few concerts and then import them to my music player.

However, the track titles are all programatically named dmb1995-03-012d1t03.flac or similar.

There is the .txt file that gives the track and album info....but its stuck in that file. I have to manually copy paste / enter them.

Does anyone have tips for how to automatic way of doing this? Some way of getting the track and album information 'correct' so play in itunes / google music / desktop player.


6ixtynin9 07-24-2020 04:15 PM

Re: Assign track names to downloaded concerts
Most post-2012 shows will import iTunes (before translation elsewhere) with appropriate Tags or show credentials.

But yeah, those earlier shows, you've got you're data entry workload ahead of ya (assuming you'd rather not adhere to chronologically ordered show/date/disc/track naming convention)

But I D O wish there were another way

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