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DMB2019-03-13..flac16 (Kristin Bergemann)
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Dave Matthews Band
Eventim Apollo
London, United Kingdom
March 13, 2019

Taped by: Kristin Bergemann
Equipment and edit by: Sergey Dimitrov
A big Thank You to the DMB sound crew!
Though the concert was in Europe you'll hear only americans yelling at the band and chatting while the band plays.
To all those disrespectful american fans stay home next time, the European fans don't want you in Europe. The respectful are welcome of course!

*** Distribute only the original, unchanged set of files provided in a community style - no direct downloads!
*** Do not stream, remaster and distribute, embed in online videos the provided files without my explicit permission!
*** For non-commercial use only! Support Dave Matthews Band

00 Intro
01 You Never Know
02 That Girl Is You
03 Seven
04 Warehouse
05 Again and Again
06 Dancing Nancies
07 Say Goodbye
08 Save Me
09 Everyday
10 Here On Out *
11 Sledgehammer
12 She
13 Crush
14 Gravedigger
15 So Much to Say
16 Granny
17 Jimi Thing
18 Grey Street
19 Ants Marching

* Dave solo

dmb2019-03-13_00 Intro.flac:edc1b53f1cf2d79ecb67fab7534575e2
dmb2019-03-13_01 You Never Know.flac:932273ebc73dd00efc9d4724354f55b2
dmb2019-03-13_02 That Girl Is You.flac:6772f4b24f3ec6197b560ae3a08465c4
dmb2019-03-13_03 Seven.flac:ebf8e0ef3b61b7f12376afe2af50aea9
dmb2019-03-13_04 Warehouse.flac:4d38f9208c259855361955fe34bcfdfe
dmb2019-03-13_05 Again and Again.flac:c3923754b6369c4c0a7f7fa10410fb2a
dmb2019-03-13_06 Dancing Nancies.flac:ea7d4f6a821b8679d98b7f0b38bf20cb
dmb2019-03-13_07 Say Goodbye.flac:ed1a7df29b4e5935841c9074340a3c59
dmb2019-03-13_08 Save Me.flac:619af4ac07869554d0f155258c1a8b33
dmb2019-03-13_09 Everyday.flac:952ae7c5678c101d8a384c6704cc7625
dmb2019-03-13_10 Here On Out.flac:63f01dd038954d18a246faafa72587f5
dmb2019-03-13_11 Sledgehammer.flac:a631475489089d4f5c5df4fb382188aa
dmb2019-03-13_12 She.flac:4171aa776314ce5849b60b2259e32c2a
dmb2019-03-13_13 Crush.flac:74e8b7fb4a2881fbdc901fca2674353a
dmb2019-03-13_14 Gravedigger.flac:ea21e03528626e8615d346f29f82e8ec
dmb2019-03-13_15 So Much to Say.flac:759745d58bea0469fea2e9def2cbff1f
dmb2019-03-13_16 Granny.flac:dff703fe7ca96fee5639b00e66a143e0
dmb2019-03-13_17 Jimi Thing.flac:783829f13ce837faa509a3b38c79e984
dmb2019-03-13_18 Grey Street.flac:a40f09047693e4b0a651fd79f3208408
dmb2019-03-13_19 Ants Marching.flac:7e0cb6e654aad929ed8fc4e95c50e682

853894aef94e5c63a2a1bc4e6e0588a1 *dmb2019-03-13_00 Intro.mp3
d80c6ed07cf89e1a0debf1388def868d *dmb2019-03-13_01 You Never Know.mp3
6e42cacdd53b29dbe405abd644b799b9 *dmb2019-03-13_02 That Girl Is You.mp3
046ab8998ac5211a2d3b609e115775d8 *dmb2019-03-13_03 Seven.mp3
53678ac0f4884f01829a35358d12f584 *dmb2019-03-13_04 Warehouse.mp3
37e43f18e6f92d8abe940cde273496ba *dmb2019-03-13_05 Again and Again.mp3
53477605bfd9af81c8eb69b6f669102d *dmb2019-03-13_06 Dancing Nancies.mp3
185306f1ebe6bf8183775fa434a928a5 *dmb2019-03-13_07 Say Goodbye.mp3
2b5b58921c0756577765a7242a254a32 *dmb2019-03-13_08 Save Me.mp3
cbf1b8b69ca00a0bcc7f7aa8e58e38c7 *dmb2019-03-13_09 Everyday.mp3
22c4972b497d398a7b90ab7dbf47bac7 *dmb2019-03-13_10 Here On Out.mp3
f272ccb0fecbe8215daf92257ce1095d *dmb2019-03-13_11 Sledgehammer.mp3
362b9ce807ae6fbd2ad7dd8de45c05c4 *dmb2019-03-13_12 She.mp3
fbe0458f0a32ae63960c85a9d42e424f *dmb2019-03-13_13 Crush.mp3
195f20bef76b0200546b23d778d5e648 *dmb2019-03-13_14 Gravedigger.mp3
9dce3876c255ae6bd133e1ccb9368713 *dmb2019-03-13_15 So Much to Say.mp3
11dd3f0eb5167998eff605256c5bc01a *dmb2019-03-13_16 Granny.mp3
bdb0d61f6a507aacbba6bbaf990a2cbb *dmb2019-03-13_17 Jimi Thing.mp3
114f8bdca592c8d749489cba5a515a7a *dmb2019-03-13_18 Grey Street.mp3
529944c77e300776dc59101ffe7969e9 *dmb2019-03-13_19 Ants Marching.mp3<br><br>Need help downloading? Watch the video below:<br>
<iframe width="320" height="240" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br><br>
Download here:

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