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dheatherly 04-14-2022 08:50 AM

Shannon Worrell 04-12-1995 ISO
With Shannon's tangential link to DMB - I thought this might be the place to ask. I had an excellent recording of a show she did on 4-12-1995 at William and Mary. Somehow I've lost it (it was on an XLII obv). I'm pretty sure the taper was Bill Lakenan. If anyone has this in your tape case - would love a response to replace my copy. Thanks.

RSSR 06-23-2022 06:25 PM

Re: Shannon Worrell 04-12-1995 ISO
Three Wishes is such a beautiful little album, especially for one that only a small population knows about. It's not a masterpiece, but it is beautiful. Her other later albums were never was as good as Three Wishes. I see she left the music scene for a entrepreneurship job. Such a shame we'll probably never see a follow up album to The Honey Guide.

ExistenceNow 06-23-2022 07:01 PM

Re: Shannon Worrell 04-12-1995 ISO
Damn, that's a tough ask. I don't see it on Live Music Archive and I don't see it in anyone's collection on I found an email address for Lakenan on the old minarets mailing list, but it's from 1995, so I doubt it's still active.

dheatherly 06-24-2022 09:26 PM

Re: Shannon Worrell 04-12-1995 ISO
I know I'll likely not find a replacement copy. I have a handful of her shows (along with Lauren and Kristen as Monsoon/September 67). This show was unique as she played a 3 Wishes track that was pretty uncommon for her to play at the time - Snakebite. She even recounted how someone told her they used the song to pump themselves prior to their football games - presumably for the V-I-C-T-O-R-Y bit. Odd choice. Anyway - here's the setlist -

Fearless Heart, Lucky Shoe, Giant, Snakebite, Witness, Not Athena, Busy Building, Wondertwins, Shoot The Elephant, Eleanor, Mercy if the Redbird, Everyday, Elbow to Elbow, When Manny Gets to Heaven, Are You Smaller?, Don't Break, Persephone (Lauren Hoffman), Poor Boy, instrumental ha ha, What's Wrong With Alice.

As you can see - it was super long set. Anyway - maybe someone will pipe in with a copy.

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