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grilldanmo 02-22-2021 03:39 PM

2021 Tour changes or cancellation...
Jambands just dropped this on the Boston Calling music fest:

I'm wondering how the pieces will start coming together (or falling apart) for other festivals and tours...

Obviously we all want live music, but will it happen (yes) and at what level?

I don't see how bands like DMB can go forward with tours at anywhere near capacity and without excluding those that haven't been vaccinated OR can't/don't prove they're vaccinated. Indoor venues are likely out until there is a full system in place to check/verify vaccination. And there's tons of freeberty folks that won't "accept" that, regardless of whether or not they get vaccinated.

Any word from our insiders regarding DMB?

Cscottrun 02-22-2021 05:58 PM

Re: 2021 Tour changes or cancellation...
This is being discussed non-stop in the rumors thread.

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