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  1. SeanMH
    07-25-2010 09:00 AM
    hook me up for WPB! haha
  2. parkmandrill
    07-11-2010 10:35 PM
    So how so many dave meets?
  3. cwright3064
    06-14-2010 11:38 AM
    Is that picture from Camden?? Where did you get to see them?
  4. 88red88
    05-12-2010 08:10 PM
    Good evening Kayla, how's life?? Me just working my glut's off. Do your friends still want the spac 1 and 2 tix. I'll sell the 1 spac2 lawn and my 3 spac1 lawn for 200 total--- good deal. I need to accept my losses and move on. And Im happy cuz I got reserved for both nights anywayzzzz. Then if you know of anyone needing darien or toronto reserved pairs, or the 2 TOR lawns and 1 darien lawn-- deals will be in the grind. Have a good night and hope stat final went well!!!! I know ya kicked some ass on it though. Later, adrian
  5. 88red88
    05-04-2010 07:14 PM
    Hey Kayla, I have two extra's for n1, and have one for n2, but I payed 150 for the n2 on tickets now cuz it was already sold out. Im willing ot sell n2 for 100, but I am in a pretty good mood right now and am willing to sell the n2 at face====if whomever buys it donates 50 bucks to a charitable cause--red cross, haiti relief, any dmb foundation, etc. I know thats kind of weird, but Id be losing 100 on the deal, but If I knew 50 was going to a good cause, than it's a great thing for everyone. The n1 are will call, and the n2 is an eticket. If they want let me know. Anyone through you gets the dibs. later, adrian
  6. 88red88
    04-27-2010 08:03 PM
    Good evening kayla, I don't know why I bought the instants last night, but I'm sure someone will need em when it rolls around. Im just bored out here and got excited when i got home and saw it on my email. It won't let me change address on shipping though, I'll call em tomorrow and send to Ed Coombse's work. Have a good one, later, adrian
  7. 88red88
    04-27-2010 05:47 AM
    Good morning Kayla, how u livin?? Me just da work thang waiting for vaca. I got a pair of instants for toronto and darien last night. And originally had the shipping set up to go to syracuse hotel, but Im not too comfortable about that, so could I have em sent to you if possible. Dont know if we or I or whomever will use the tix, just wanted to get some just in case they end up being good. If not you, coombse has offered for me to send them to that address too, if ya back that idea up. Later, adrian
  8. 88red88
    04-19-2010 07:37 PM
    Good evening Kayla, haven't said Hi in a while. so, Hi. Hows life and work lately??? me just working and bumming it up. Let me know if theres anything else I can help with our little road trip, Hope all is well. Ali and I Haven't chatted much lately, bummer, but thats life i guesss. have a great night Kayla. later, adrian
  9. 88red88
    03-26-2010 04:46 PM
    oki doki, we are booked at the super 8 downtown toronto for 6/1. its right around china town and downtown, and a 20+ minute walk to the concert. I guess super 8 is where its at, i also booked super 8 for my two nights in syracuse. it was dirt cheap there, and there is an applebees near by. eat good in the neighbourhood!!!!!! your welcome to roll out early from home to syracuse. later ants junkie!!!!
  10. 88red88
    03-26-2010 04:09 PM
    good evening kayla, before i book toronto hotel, is there any other people rollin out too, or should i just go ahead and reserve for 2. it looks like super 8 downtown or the sheraton 4 points is the way to go. 4 points is a little further from molson, but free parking, super is 1.5 mls away but expensive parking. both would end up close to the same around 140 inc parking. thats about the cheapest around there. let me and have a great night, later, adrian


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