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  1. lp#41
    12-28-2009 04:27 PM
    Well, I kind of had a lot going on in my life during those years. I was finishing up grad school, graduating, trying to find a job, getting engaged, getting married, moving to a new city, getting a job, having to work a year of probation before having any time off, and buying a house. :( My money had other priorities during that time.
  2. SeanMH
    12-27-2009 06:56 PM
    hey, why did you not go to any DMB shows from Aug '04- Aug '08?!?!?

    just wondering
  3. BamaAnt
    04-29-2009 09:31 AM
    It would be nice to have nothing to do in the spring and summer other than travel around following the band! I don't even want to begin thinking about their "last" tour, we can only hope that is a long time coming.
  4. lp#41
    04-28-2009 04:14 PM
    Yeah, that is what I am feeling as I surf these forums. I like being active online, so I am hopeful that I can get in here more often. And yeah, we had a great day! It definitely bumped that show experience into second place, but DMB shows definitely come right after that day in my life. :) I just wish I could get to more shows than I am able to. I get really paranoid about the "end" of their tours...and I just can't even imagine the "last" tour...I can't deal with that.
  5. BamaAnt
    04-28-2009 04:06 PM
    This was my first DMB forum to join over a year ago and I never really used it like I have been the past month. I would get on and purchase tickets for friends or just check out the hype for upcoming shows. I try and get on when I catch a small break just to see what the other Ants in the community have to say and there are so many great exclusive downloads of older DMB material that I could stay on for hours listening to. I wasn't expecting for the people using the forums to be so respectful, everyone here are just true DMB fans whether it be kinda stalkerish or just casually enjoying their music and soul. Marriage is a beautiful thing and if that show is second in line I can only imagine how perfect your wedding day was. I have been to a few shows that blew me away but I am still waiting on that one I just can't wrap my mind around.
  6. lp#41
    04-28-2009 08:30 AM
    Yes! I think the beers at Oak Mt. were 9 a pop! I don't drink beer myself, but my girlfriend does and she was like, 2 is enough.
    My ultimate goals for DMB include the Gorge and Charlottesville. I wish I could have made C'ville this year, but it just didn't work out. And the Gorge...I explanation. The farthest I have been was California, but only because my stepsister lives out there. Otherwise, that trip would have never happened. But that was probably my most amazing DMB related story, because my friend and I were upgraded through the WH to front row and that was the best moment of my life (second only to my wedding day now...LOL). But yeah...I dropped out of the forum community several years back. I was a member of The Bridge, and I had one too many bad experiences over there, so I quit. I could never figure the place out. I had joined Ants, but I guess because of my experiences on the Bridge, I just never got into posting. I am happy that this place seems more normal.
  7. BamaAnt
    04-27-2009 04:36 PM
    One or two won't kill you but at $7 a beer I just don't know about drinking till I throw up. The good days of drinking like that in college are definitely over and in the "Real World" I live in it just isn't smart. Maybe a good bottle of wine and blanket in the grass but drinking all that beer and getting hot and sweaty isn't my thing. I can't believe the girl who peed her pants didn't just leave the show, I guess to some people peeing their pants means alcohol has left their body and needs to be replenished!
    I am lucky that I work for the family business and have my own company on the side but I try to put in as many hours a week as possible and sometimes that means missing out on shows. Weekends are more fun anyways, good road trips and no hurry to get back home usually. Deer Creek will be awesome, I am starting this year by attending one or two further away and hopefully making it to Colorado next year! Maybe I'll get there and never come back to Alabama! ha
  8. lp#41
    04-27-2009 03:11 PM
    I know right? I mean, when my friends and I were leaving Oak Mt. last week, this guy was totally puking all over himself and I was like "way to go...spend all that money to come here and vomit on yourself!". I can't deal with it...LOL. And get this, during Two Step Saturday night, the girl was pushing her way back to "her" spot! With a beer in hand! Girl had just pissed herself and was being carried out of the show 2 hours earlier, and was back with a beer.

    My brother lives in Alpharetta and I know he wanted to go, and if work wasn't in the way this week, I would be there. My friends and I are going up to night two at Deer Creek in August. My friends really don't have the time in at their respective jobs to put in for weeknight we had to find a Saturday that would work. I really wanted to go to the OK show too...but Deer Creek will likely be it for us.
  9. BamaAnt
    04-27-2009 02:22 PM
    Yes Karma is a bitch! You are always going to have to people who seem to be at shows to get drunk instead of just enjoying it for what it is. I mean do you honestly think it was worth it when she realized the next day that she pissed herself in front of 50,000 people? ha

    I was really hoping to be able to attend the Georgia shows this week but because of work I will be missing the two night event. The only show that I have ordered tickets to and will definitely be attending will be in Arkansas in September during the Summer tour. How about yourself?
  10. lp#41
    04-27-2009 11:22 AM
    i hate that...i do hate that it is always the crowd that tends to be the bummer of shows. we did have a lot of cool people around us though...and thanfully, the group that was being a bunch of douches eventually left with their friend who passed out and pissed herself 15 minutes before dmb came on karma is a bitch. LOL

    you going to any more shows this tour? or summer?

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