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The MattsMarching Creed rsteiner we have each mp483's around the sun repeat sugarwontpoison will last if you triumphant be dMATTb pummels the shores of the sea mcwyffe senses feeling Highlander around the sense of self DMBisTBOWA turns on and turns off I can see McBong from this corner McKibben's a perfect (Matt?)
49 1 135 0
11:33 PM
The group dedicated to the greatest football franchise in the history of the NFL!!!
25 1 6 1
02:17 PM
Any kind of chicken allowed. Especially if it involves Timmy melting your face off.
28 1 20 0
03:55 AM
Man Love Rocks
3 0 0 0
Go Big Red!
6 0 0 3
all of us michiganders who can't get enough dmb :)
11 0 0 0
The finest group of baseball fans around! Go Cubs go!
32 1 14 14
10:23 AM
We make fun of hippies
3 1 1 0
12:54 PM
This group is for the ones that are tired of seeing WAYG, STDH, ODH, Cornbread, Bayou, Too Much, Stay, Sister, OOMH and any other overplayed song. We want Rarities back! Last Stop! Blue Water! I Dreamed I Killed God! Minarets! Kit Kat Jam! Captain! Raven! JTR! #40! Good Good Time! Spoon! Busted Stuff! Cry Freedom! Ill Back You Up! Christmas Song! and TEH HALLLLLLOOOOOOOOOWEEEEENZZZZZZZZZ!!!! We Want Them Back!
27 1 2 0
01:13 AM
For those who bleed green NO MATTER WHAT, even when we get sacked 12 times in one game & puke @ the Super Bowl. Dedicated to the greatest group of phans in Sports History.
20 1 9 2
01:25 PM
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