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Here at, it costs a great deal of money to run the site and to provide a service to you. In order to offset these costs, and to hopefully pay for the entire bill, we welcome any and all donations to the site. We are currently in the process of optimizing our advertising processes. That being said, any other type of advertising is strictly prohibited. If you're a longtime community member and you have a site you want us to check out, that's one thing. To register on a site to simply promote your site is considered SPAM, and will not be allowed. It should also be noted that if your site is commercial in anyway (ie. revenue-based), the offending content will be edited. Again, if you wish to advertise, you may contact Matt @ Having a link in your signature should be adequate in advertising your site on other web forums, but any other means are considered rude and against general net etiquette. It should be noted that many forums do not even allow signature links, so that alone should be sufficient.

Show Downloads
The band's continued dedication to the allowance of tapers and traders is a blessing for our community. has been fortunate enough to possess a means for distributing these recordings online. There are thousands upon thousands of people who visit this site. At any given time, there are hundreds of users downloading from our show servers. We have great resources at our disposal, but even the biggest of servers get overloaded. One doesn't need to be a computer scientist to figure that out - and a low tolerance policy is where stands against people who feel that downloading shows is a right, and not a privledge. If you have a general comment, concern or question about the performance of the download servers, first do a search to make sure it already hasn't been asked, and then politely make your post. Bitching about the speeds is going to do nothing for you except get your permission to download from the servers revoked. Keep this in mind, as it is something we take very seriously.

Multiple Registrations
You are only allowed to have one account on If for some reason you are unable to log into the site, email the staff and we will fix the problem. Do not register a new name. Any accounts found to be duplicates will be removed, and the original account banned as well. [b]We are not kidding on this. If you are found to have duplicate accounts, all of your accounts will be banned.[/b]

Usernames are Permanent
Choose your username carefully when you first register for the site, because the name you choose will be with you for the duration of your membership on With thousands of user accounts on the site, we will not fufill requests to change usernames once a person has registered.

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