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Conversation Between MGH4007 and daveshookme
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  1. MGH4007
    05-13-2011 01:01 PM
    Hey, everything with the exclusion of "Triangle Square" was produced/written by Evan Ozmat, he creates all of the audio backings and such. He's really amazing and what he does. The sax player is the friend that bridged all of us together. I recorded only two tracks with Evan when I was in Buffalo last weekend which is "Ambient Fusion" (written by Evan) and TS (written by myself), both Jason and I recorded live at the same time sot there is some interplay.

    I've never really played with electro music so it was interesting and seemed to turn out ok. And yes, Jason is an excellent saxophonist. I can't say enough about him.
  2. daveshookme
    05-13-2011 12:55 AM
    Hey man, I've been listening to more of the stuff on that soundcloud account (OzmatikDub?). If that's all your stuff, damn it's pretty good. Sax lines remind me a LOT of Roi's stuff, but then again I'm no musician. Just in the way they're subtle, yet very present and oh so smooth. Keep up the good work man, I've subscribed and hope to hear more from you. Hell, work on an album and you'd be able to sell at least one copy.
  3. daveshookme
    02-21-2011 12:31 AM
    haha no, it wasn't. I apologize for any creepiness. I don't even go to Oswego anymore, just wondering if maybe we had an unknown mutual friend.
  4. MGH4007
    02-17-2011 05:27 PM
    so now that I think about it, was that intended to be weird/creepy? It just came off a bit....weird.
  5. daveshookme
    02-17-2011 05:24 PM
    visiting your gf? who is she? What's she study? I might know her, that'd be pretty cool.

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