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Conversation Between patthebear and recentlyJTR41
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  1. recentlyJTR41
    07-26-2012 12:24 AM
    U tryin to get a charged load n u tonight?
  2. patthebear
    07-26-2012 12:20 AM
    #1 or nans
  3. recentlyJTR41
    07-25-2012 10:45 PM
    Poz or neg?
  4. recentlyJTR41
    05-31-2012 07:28 PM
    I would have been like, "OMG do you Troy?!"
  5. patthebear
    05-31-2012 06:31 PM
    Fishman walked by me at Rothbury during Steel Pulse's set. I didn't do anything about it though. I played it cool...

    Shoulda, woulda, coulda'd
  6. recentlyJTR41
    05-31-2012 06:22 PM
    That's nuts. I would flip my shit if I ever saw him on the street. I saw Fishman walking out of the Trump in 2010 and almost wet my pants.
  7. patthebear
    05-31-2012 06:04 PM
    No, but my good friend, who is a phan, has twice!

    I think he lives in the Upper West Side. My dad's friend says he sees him all the time.

  8. recentlyJTR41
    05-31-2012 05:41 PM
    So, do you ever run into Trey while working in NYC?
  9. recentlyJTR41
    04-17-2012 12:37 PM
    I always love some nice funk/fusion. Maybe they'll make their way down South soon. I haven't been to a show in a while. I need to get my fix from somewhere.
  10. patthebear
    04-17-2012 11:06 AM
    Dude, I saw Kung Fu last night. You gotta check them out. They're all about fusion. They had Victor Bailey from the Weather Report come out with them. So awesome.

    Check out a live show sometime.

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