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Top Covers Of All Time

By Jake Vigliotti

I have an old cassette tape of a radio performance by Ben Folds Five. The interviewer asked, ďWhat songs do you cover? You know, you can tell a lot about a band by what they cover.Ē So what can you tell about the Dave Matthews Band by their covers? Theyíre a jazz band? Funk? Jam? Or just plain rock-and-roll? Because when it comes to songs that DMB does, there is no limit to their arsenal.

The best thing about a song covered by DMB is the little twist they put on it. They really strive to make it their own. This is why I had a major problem with Dave and Friends. They didnít really change any song they covered. Take out the Some Devil songs, and they were something youíd see on a Tuesday night in any college town; a bunch of guys in their 40ís doing 70ís songs just like they used to be done.

But DMB is not DaF. Well, except Dave. And Tim. But let us not let a few facts get in the way of a good rip on the 2003 side band experiment. DMB has done a lot of covers; and the vast majority they make their own. And theyíve yet to produce a stinker on the Madonna level. All the covers they do are good, but some are just better than others. And everyone loves lists. So we created a list based on the following criteria:

  • *Improvement over the original
  • I donít mean it has to be much better, or even better. It just has to not be not this. You know, stand up straight, boys; youíre the Dave Matthews Band.

  • *Creativity
  • Sometimes creativity can be taken the wrong way (if you make it to the 1:07 mark, yes, thatís Simon LeBon saying ďfunkyĒ). Creativity is more of a changing the tempo, beat, etc. but in a good way.

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