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Top 50: 20-11

By Jake Vigliotti

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  • 20
  • Donít Drink The Water

    This may seem surprisingly low to some fans. It surprisingly fared well with the message-board fans, despite the fact that it was a radio release (usually a no-no for the hard-cores). No fans voted for the early incarnation of Leave Me Praying, and no one got cute and tried for the Weight Of The World version either.

  • 19
  • You Never Know

    The song scored amazingly well among all fans, catching top 10 votes from the message-board crowd, the more casual fan, and both men and women. Pretty much everyone likes You Never Know. Itís a deep and smart song; with a time change early in the song (which has to do with its origins, it was two songs joined together in studio). This is the least played live top 20 song, with a mere 70 plays through 2009. Zero plays in 2010.

  • 18
  • Bartender

    The song finished consistently in the top 20 on most ballots, with only a few fans opting to leave it off completely. Bartender may very well hold the distinction of being the most popular DMB song to debut at a Dave and Tim show. The song was already popular with fans in 1999 when it made it to the studio for the aborted Lillywhite Sessions. The song to many fans is nostalgic as well; no one can forget Leroiís wonderful pennywhistle playing, with his iconic ďIf I Only Had A BrainĒ interpolation. It has become a live-show staple for fans to sing along as Jeff carries on the tradition of playing the interpolation.

  • 17
  • Grey Street

    This is the lowest-placed song to receive more than one first place vote. This song is another radio release that scored well with the internet crowd, although most of them probably knew it from its 2000 debut. A few fans specifically mentioned the now-absent ďthird verseĒ version, but there still arenít too many complains when the band strikes up Grey Street at a show.

  • 16
  • Recently

    In early 1991, when a nervous (by his own admission) Dave gave a mix tape to Leroi and Carter to hear, to ask if theyíd join him to put a band behind his works, the two elder musicians agreed; there was some potential in the song Recently. Many fans might not realize that technically it was their first radio single, getting play on college stations with a radio cut of a live version of the song. The song has been very long, truncated, and in 2010 picked up in its jam. Itís also featured a plethora of interpolations, from Al Green to Blood Sweat And Tears. Fans still dig it, but it did better with the 30 year old + crowd.

  • 15
  • The Last Stop

    Itís the 2010 song of the year for fans. It seemingly came out of nowhere in West Palm Beach, and then worked its way into rotation on the fall tour. Itís always been popular with fans, but reached mythic proportions in recent years. As you can guess, itís the doppelganger of Recently. Younger fans, especially who had not heard the song during its heavy-rotation years of 1998-99 scored the song considerably higher than those who heard the song in those years.

  • 14
  • Tripping Billies

    In the short list of identifying songs for DMB, Tripping Billies is certainly one of them. It received a fair amount of top 10 votes, with only a few ballots leaving Billies off completely. The song seems universally respected by fans, to the point of perhaps underrating it.

  • 13
  • Crush

    The song has been a fan-favorite since its first play in 1998. Look around a crowd next time itís played, and youíll probably find a couple singing (or screaming) it to each other. Across all spectrums of fans, the song placed in the top 20, and had a strong showing in the top 10 on a few ballots.

  • 12
  • The Dreaming Tree

    In 2006, it was the present-time Last Stop. Fans were very hungry for the song, and when it finally got played, the message-board crowd loved it. The song is easily a top 10 song among those who frequent the internet, but for othersÖ not so much. You know how sometimes when a great song is being played, and you see fans sitting down, and youíre screaming ďGet up!Ē Well, they just donít like Dreaming Tree that much. We can try and ridicule them, and call Dreaming Tree the Radiohead of DMB songs, but itís not going to change the fact that some people just donít care for it.

  • 11
  • The Best Of Whatís Around

    To some fans, it was the first song they heard from DMB, as the opening track from Under The Table And Dreaming. To some older fans, itís the song that Dave used to play solo, and dedicate to his mom (the title comes from a phrase she uttered occasionally). Everyone likes ďBestĒ, it made its way onto every ballot. It got a few top 10ís and a few bottom 10ís, but the song appeals to everyone.

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