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Dave Quotes from GQ Interview

By Jake Vigliotti

"Some of those bands suddenly think, 'Oh my god, wešre the shit!' Because they get told it so often. Then they go flying up their fundamental orifices. They're a success and they're vast and huge and that's well deserved in most cases. But the success is short-lived. I see accolades being poured on people, these little indie things, and I mostly think, Oh, that's cool. But there's an element of me that wants to be a little voice that comes to those young, easily-influenced kids who are throwing their hearts out on the stage: Be careful of the beautiful, smiling, adoring people that are surrounding you and telling you that you're the best thing to happen to music for 30 years, because those people will leave you to be eaten by cockroaches. In a week and a half."

"And I don't care much for critics I mean for what they say because it doesn't really matter. And what I do doesn't matter! But I'm not going to stop doing it because I don't feel valid after somebody says, Look at his hair, or the lack of it."

"The only time record companies started coming to us is when we stopped looking at record companies and started looking at an audience. When we drove around and played to people. It's funny to have become one of the most mainstream bands in America and still sort of feel not included."

Previously listed on the main news story

"The life I live is nothing close to regular, and never in my life, until I was in this position, had I ever been accused of being normal."

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