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Warehouse V2.0?

By Jake Vigliotti
July 2, 2002

It hit like a fast moving storm. The on-line community grabbed, downloaded, spread, and gobbled up the latest "leak" to spring from DMB. The complimentary Warehouse Version 2.0 appeared on Thursday (6.27). We, the loyal news hunter/gatherers at antsmarching.org posted a story without haste. Actually, I wrote the story before I heard the tracks. Another score for the on-line community, right? Hmmmm.......

Thanks to some good ears, and some logical thinking, it appears that this is phoney-baloney. Wormm91 (an antsmarching.org member) was the first to point out that the alleged 7.7.01 WTWE was really the 6.16.01 WTWE. That made people stop and give another listen.

Allow me a bit of digression for a minute. At 1st listen, I thought a few things:

1. This is a rough cut.
2. Who the Hell voted for WTWE
3. This sounds like DSBD, but Dave is soft in some spots.
4. Damn, Dave butchered Grace.
5. It's a great mix job, seems professional (more on this later).

Killboys followed up with the knowledge that DMB does Mono recordings, and this is Stereo. More pondering. Hmmmmmmmmmm........... So, is this the real Warehouse 5 V 2.0? I won't say no, but the guy who spread it at the Bridge sure makes one wonder. We're going to call this a fake for now. But it's been a poorly kept secret that some former "Lillywhite" session songs would be on the WH5, and it appears that someone pulled a shrewd one by mixing a live track with some Matrix (aud and IEM) recordings.

And the "professional" editing? It's not that good. There are a few nanoseconds of dead air between the songs, and using an editing system, one can see that the crowd noise is off. Nice try; hell, damn good effort, but we're not buying it.

And as a side note, am.org apoligizes for leaving up that story all weekend. We had a follow-up ready at 5 pm Thursday, but some unforseen circumstances prevented us from correcting the story. am.org apoligizes to anyone mislead by the WH5 leak story. But that's not the only "leak" out there...

How about that great Everyday Demo?

Occasionally, in the doublesecret world of elite trading, the magical "d" word will rear it's ugly head, causing a mad frenzy of trading and trumping:


For those of you not privy to the world of DMB Elitism, it's simply this; some people have access to soundchecks, DSBD's, and, the all powerful straight-flush, the Demo. We serf's have to wait for a leak to spring until we get our mits on a 5.25.99 dsbd,
7.6.99 sc, or the Lillywhite Demo. They trade them as common as any 2002 show.

The Demo trumps everything. With a demo, you can get pretty much whatever show you want (so I'm told). But that also means, that if you don't have a demo, if you can "liberate" one, that's just as good to the unsuspecting ear.

Exhibit 1, counselor.

Dave Matthews
Late 2000/Early 2001
Glen Ballard's Studio
Acoustic Demo Sessions

Source: Studio DAT > CD

Conversion: D8 > Dio2448 > Samplitude Studio > CDWave

ETC ETC all that shit noone listens to

Disc 1:

01. The Space Between
02. Everyday
03. What You Are

Compiled 3/23/02

Note: A corrupt version of Sleep to Dream Her,
Everyday radio edit, and WTWE radio edit were
included. Only the legit sounding shit was kept.

Well, this has to be legit, right? I mean, after all, it's a .txt file!!! But upon further review... This is a fake. There are a few giveaways to it's Rosie Ruiz status. Odd, isn't it, that the liner notes mention that this "legit" demo came with 3 radio cuts of songs? I guess Glen Ballard was feeling a bit frisky when he laid down the tracks. Amazing that he has the power of time/space travel and the gift to pop-ize anything with a musical note. Unless, of course, someone thought that 3 legit demo tracks needed some radio show performances to round them out.

But that wasn't the only bit of sloppiness purported by the faker. The biggest giveaway (sans the sloppy 3 radio songs) is What You Are. Dave strikes the notes in a peculiar manner in the open, as nothing ever heard. Unless you count 3.15.01. Dave plays the song the exact same way, and also includes the unique wording, "It's a Puzzle" to end the song, which is absent from the album. The "It's a Puzzle..." line did not appear until 3.14.01. WYA, along with the other "demo" songs, also cut out abruptly at the end of each, eliminating any crowd clapping from the "live studio audience".

As fakes go, this is better than the 2nd Lillywhite demo, faked from DSBD shows in 2000. That clearly had keys on each song, and you could even hear the crowd on most tracks. That was an awful fake, and an awful job by whoever fell for that. I hope the originator of this "demo" got something good for it, and shucks to the person originally screwed by this. This isn't the last fake to appear, but buyer beware, not every Demo is as rare as you think.

The views and comments expressed in this article do not necessarily represent those of antsmarching.org.


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