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The Whole Lillywhite Story Notes

By Jake Vigliotti
January 2, 2007

The Whole Lillywhite Session Notes

The opening quote is from Entertainment Weekly, May 31, 2001.

1. Relix Magazine, March/April, 2002. Dave mentions Busted Stuff by name specifically.

2. A producer of the film confirmed to me that Dave did perform at a small bar during the filming, and did confirm that he did play a few new songs.

3. dmbml.com message board. The date is marked in the antsmarching.org song tour.

4. When mentioning any reference to feelings by fans, the majority feeling rules. A fair assessment would be that if you asked 100 online fans, at least 70% would feel that way. If the overall mood is more of a split, or a slight majority, it is listed as such.

5. dmbml.com message board.

6. dmbml.com message board.

7. dmbml.com news item. It read as the following:


Late in the 1999 Summer tour, Dave Matthews and Stefan Lessard said that the huge fan demand for #40 would make it a major contender for inclusion on the new studio album. The current word is that, due to time restraints to have the new album out by May, #40 will be definitely included on the album. Steve Lillywhite has yet to confirm this song being used, however. #40 debuted on April 5, 1995.


Again, Dave Matthews mentioned the presence of Bartender on the new album at the taping of "Austin City Limits." Producer Steve Lillywhite has confirmed both Bartender and Digging a Ditch being on the album, saying that each's full band version sounds "amazing." In a recent Garageband.com webchat, Lillywhite referred to the studio version of Bartender as the "ten-minute epic." Bartender debuted on January 29, 1999.

"Captain" (Crazy)

Another Dave & Tim original, "Crazy" appears to have been reworked for the record. Although nothing official has been announced, friends of the band have reported the song being recorded. Steve Lillywhite has supposedly confirmed this tune being recorded, with the band currently calling it "Captain." "Crazy" debuted on June 3, 1996.

Digging a Ditch

Dave Matthews mentioned at the recent taping of "Austin City Limits" that Digging a Ditch would appear on the new release. Digging a Ditch lyrics from the "Austin City Limits" taping can be found here. This song debuted on February 26, 1999 at a Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds acoustic concert.

"Golden Monkey"

One of the twelve songs that Dave Matthews Band is currently polishing in the studio. The title Golden Monkey is only temporary.

Grace is Gone

Grace is Gone is the country tune that violinist Boyd Tinsley said has been recorded. However, Steve Lillywhite says that the song "has become more reminiscent of a Daniel Lanois style tune than a Garth Brooks one!" (Lanois is the creator of the songs, "The Maker" and "For the Beauty of Wynona," both of which DMB has covered.)

"JTR" (John the Revelator)

Rewritten folktune "John the Revelator" is lined up for inclusion on the album, however, the song is now known as "JTR" since the words "John the Revelator" have been plucked from the chorus. While discussing this track, Steve Lillywhite says, "The song also includes one of the most intense outros we have ever recorded!" In January 1999 Dave Matthews and Carter Beauford recorded this song with Santana for the Latin band's Supernatural record, but "John the Revelator" was chosen not to be included. Noconfirmation of Carlos Santana guesting with the band on the track has been made.

"Kit Kat Jam"

One of the twelve songs that Dave Matthews Band is currently polishing in the studio. The title Kit Kat Jam is only temporary.

"She My Bitch"

One of the twelve songs that Dave Matthews Band is currently polishing in the studio. The title She My Bitch is (hopefully) temporary.

Sweet Up, Sweet Down

A love song written in the downtime between the end of Dave Matthews Band's Summer '99 tour and the beginning of the album recording.

“She’s My Bitch” was a working title for Busted Stuff.

8. davematthewsband.com

9. dmbml.com did at least 3 news items mentioning delays.

10. Rolling Stone, July 9, 2001 (Stefan’s comments).

11. Rolling Stone, July 9, 2001 (by Dave). Bruce Flohr disputes the quote. It may not have been actually said, but it may have more been a general feeling held by many associated with RCA (not meaning Flohr).

12. Entertainment Weekly May 31, 2001.

13. dmbml.com. The post was made that day, and in a conversation I had with the poster (privately), he confirmed some details lyrically that confirmed it was indeed Grey Street.

14. Julia Grey was Dave’s girlfriend from the late 80’s to early in 1990. She inspired a number of early DMB songs, famously I’ll Back You Up and Halloween.

15. dmbml.com

16. Davespeak, September 24, 1995.

17. Rolling Stone, July 9, 2001.

18. A source familiar with the recording process told me in 2002 that he did not believe the song was ever done by the complete full-band. Whether that meant just Dave solo or not everyone in the band on the track is unknown.

19. davematthewsband.com

20. davematthewsband.com

21. during a few radio interviews (including one from Seattle), Dave mentioned the simplicity of which songs were written. He mentioned a story where he and a friend were drinking, and making up toasts. The friend said, “Stay up and make some memories…” And Boom! That was put into a song (So Right).

22. billboard.com (week of release).

23. just about every message board contained at least one posting a day mentioning some phony setlist for the ‘new album’. They ranged from the unbelievable to the unbelievable. For example:

Hello everyone...well I am lucky enough to have gotten a hold of the demo disc of the new album and here is my review. I am a "friend of a friend" i guess you could say and am in West Virginia attending a party with friends so i figured I'd plug in my laptop and give the lowdown. The title of the album (or what it says on the disc anyways) is "The Road to You"...there is no cover art to report of yet. Here is the setlist:

1. Bring it Back 2. Captain 3. #40 (Always) 4. Let Go of You 5. John the Revelator 6. "Untitled" 7. The Piper 8. An Ocean Away 9. Bartender 10.Falling in the Light 11.Hitchhiker 12.Digging a Ditch

1. BRING IT BACK -with a fairly upbeat tempo, the opener blends a mixture of tribal sounds and classic dmb improvisation with Roi on the sax...the band sounds great on this one and no doubt you will be dancing around the room. The solo at the end is just crazy! The lyrics suffer a little but the improvisation and live sound of the band make up for it...a great opener

2.CAPTAIN -the full band version of this song is quite interesting and adds a new twist to the dave and tim versions i've seen floating on the net. Particularly, the part where dave sings "why should i be hypnotized by someone else's lies why should i forsake time and pride in what someone else believes, yeah, tell me your warning" the band reaches climax...not much of a song to dance to as you already know but it is a good listen.

3. #40 (ALWAYS) -this one is very well done...an instant hit single. The title of the album is derived from a lyric in this song and is very moving with the whole band...however, dave is by himself mostly and the band does not get TOO involved...its just right. One of my favs on the album and i'm glad to see they kept the title

4. LET GO OF YOU -With a very mellow and melancholy mood, this song is far removed from the high energy that "BRING IT BACK" and "CAPTAIN" had established. This song sounds like it was taken directly from the little segue jam that comes right before "Stay" on Before These Crowded Streets. It's a sweet song and has single potential if you ask me.

5. John The Revelator -as of right now, the version i've heard does NOT contain Carlos Santana but still retains some of the energy. Carter goes CRAZY at the end! CRAZY!! Just remember, this is the DEMO disc, not the final one...Carlos could be added but don't ask me because i don't know yet...i'm heading to Wilmington tomorrow and i may get more news on this one. I will update you if i can find internet access there.

6. "UNTITLED" -one thing i must ask...why did they let boyd sing this whole song? Yikes...This song is kind of a love song of sorts but you can't tell really...boyd's solo in the middle and carters handywork at the end could not even save this one. I'm wondering if it will be a B-side...yet they have it on the demo disc. The song was penned by Boyd.

7. THE PIPER -This is a song that sligtly reminds me of powerful songs such as Pig and Typical Situation. It is a full sounding song that uses many overdubs of a Dave & Carter harmony. At one moment in the song it quiets down and Dave sings, "You lead me from my place, my home with your siren song. I follow guided by longed for delight that you fill me up with when you call my name." And then it rises as he starts, "and you tempt me so" and then leroi kicks it in with an amazing solo. This song I had to hit the back button and replay.

8. AN OCEAN AWAY -Judging from the lyrics of this one, Dave is commenting on the situations in South Africa. "Dripping blood to wash away, these slowly aching streets of pain"...reminds me of cry freedom in the way it affects your emotions. Not single material but certainly a great song that I love replaying.

9. BARTENDER -If you ask me, i still prefer the dave and tim version over the full band one but nonetheless dave combines religious imagery and lyrics for a certainly mellow addition to the album. If you've heard the dave and tim version, basically take that and add the band...nothing special in terms of solos, just kinda plain.

10. FALLING IN THE LIGHT -i call it "falling in the light" but technically there is no official title...its just a line that is continually repeated in this very airy type song...i don't know whether this is a jam or a segue or what...more on this later

11. HITCHHIKER -Another one of my favorite songs! The band really comes together and captures their famous live sound. Not only are there great solos but there is even a part where dave just gets pissed and screams bloody murder ala halloween...the band completely crashes in the end of this song with each member getting a solo (except stephan, but he does get a little one)...i wish this could be a single but its a bit long, as are most on this album (typical).

12. DIGGING A DITCH -as hitchhiker slows, it almost seems as if it blends directly into Digging a Ditch...a great closing song on the album. The full band version is not all that different from the regular dave and tim version...there are slight glimpses of the violin and horn...percussion is lightly touched upon.

13. (Jam?) The band kinda does this little jam-out on the end of the album...i dunno if its just on the demo disc or what...who knows? As i said, i'll try to get back to you with news and updates if i can find internet access for my laptop.

In 2004, the person who posted that intricate description of all the songs admitted that he made the whole thing up – in less than an hour no less.

24. dmbml.com message board.

25. Rolling Stone, July 9, 2001.

26. A source associated with the band claimed that the version on the leaked sessions was actually scrapped and a version with the refrain “Golden Monkey” would have been intended for the official album (if it made the final cut). The title Golden Monkey was being used by March of 2000 when the ML did their ‘news update’ using information supplied by Lillywhite.

27. Rolling Stone, July 9, 2001.

28. dmbml.com message board.

29. Rolling Stone, July 9, 2001.

30. Rolling Stone, July 9, 2001.

31. an ‘elite trader’ (if there is such a thing) confirmed with me in 2001 that there were multiple leaks after Knapp’s copy went world wide. All the copies were the same as Knapp’s version.

32. Build You A House leaked September 11, 2004 as a full song. Reports about it were on the internet as early as 2001 (almost all who heard the song prior to its release admitted it was a very weak song at best). Almost the entire ‘demo #2’ leaked after that, but in small parts, not as a ‘whole disc’.

33. A source associated with the band posted the majority of that info at nancies.org and in a later email confirmed the information with me. By the way, one of the ‘shell’ songs may have been an early working of Joy Ride, which was soundchecked early in the 2000 tour.

34. Entertainment Weekly/Rolling Stone. EW gave the Lillywhites an A-.

35. This was mentioned by Carter and Dave separately in interviews (Dave in radio interviews). It was also presumed by fans since the majority of DMB songs evolve.

36. Entertainment Weekly, June 14, 2001

37. vh1.com interview, March 31, 2004.

38. Judging by interviews in magazines like Relix and Paste, you could make the argument that Dave either could’ve taken the stuff he wrote in studio in Seattle back to the DMB band and made songs out of them, or say that Dave – by writing in a different way – knew that the songs would not ‘work’ full DMB band. The latter seems more likely, but fans still like to wonder about hearing Save Me or Dodo full DMB.

39. When asked by a fan once, Carter laughed off the solo album idea. He said it was just something he and Butch had done for years.

40. antsmarching.org story September 25, 2003. (via the NY Daily News of the same date for estimates of crowds).

41. Rolling Stone, July 9, 2001 (Carter quote).

The views and comments expressed in this article do not necessarily represent those of antsmarching.org.


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