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What The Songs Are Really about

By Jake Vigliotti
April 1, 2006

Best Of What's Around - the words are meaningless, it's how the song is known to the band that matters. "BOWA" is how the band refers to the song, and that's who it's for. Dave wrote the song for his all-time favorite baseball player, former shortstop Larry Bowa.

Seek Up - The song was originally very dirty. The only line that remains is the line "Seek Up", which was originally "C-Cup". That's how dirty it was.

Don't Drink The Water - Re-worked "Leave Me Praying" was an inside joke after the band failed to secure an endorsement deal with Evian.

Ants Marching - Dave worked a song around a protest launched by his mother's sister (yep, his aunt), over a stolen receipe for a pie (apple is rumored). Dave's aunt litterally 'marched' outside their home while living in England in protest, hense the Aunt or "Ant" Marching.

#40 - The Song title is a joke-play on words for Dave's uncle, Seamus Matthews (he's Irish). The Irish tend to say the word 40 as 'farty'. So the band really calls #40 "Farty".

Old Dirt Hill - Real road. Ironically, Not old (built in 2000), not dirt (paved), and more of a slight incline than a traditional hill. Dave used some artistic liscence on that one.

Pay For What You Get - Leroi inspired the song from his days working at the Charlottesville 'See-More Lamp Store'. It was the store policy.

Captian - Originally written as a medley, the 2nd, song "and Coke" is hopelessly as lost as the legendary "MacHead". Dave was drinking a wee bit when he wrote them.

Say Goodbye, So Much To Say, What Would You Say - why all the songs with 'say' in them? A tribute to Carter's favorite baseball player, the Say Hey Kid, Willie Mays.

Where Are You Going - It was the first song written after the confusing (lyrically) Everyday album, where people were always asking Dave, 'where are you going with that lyric?" Dave wrote it as a retort to them.

The views and comments expressed in this article do not necessarily represent those of antsmarching.org.


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