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Where Are Drew Going?

By Jake Vigliotti
May 12, 2002

The power of the fan has now officially reached a new high. Antsmarching.org has learned that RCA officially released the Dave Matthews Band's latest single, Where Are You Going, prematurely to radio stations after learning of its leak to the internet.

Drew Wiley (DrewWileyWSP on Antsmarching.org message boards) obtained a studio version of Where Are You Going and posted an mp3 of the song on the Antsmarching.org message board, and a DMB message board site, Anyone Seen The Bridge? (thread killed). Naturally, people from everywhere downloaded the clip, and wondered how and when and, of course, why?

Well, lets try and take this from the beginning. Drew says that he obtained Where Are You Going approximately 1-2 weeks ago. The person, who Drew refers to only as "a friend", encouraged Wiley to spread the song to the DMB communities.

RCA, however, did not exactly think the spread was such a grand idea.

Waldo Jaquith, of nancies.org fame informed Drew that RCA was none too pleased over the leak. RCA never directly contacted Drew directly, according to Wiley. Rumors and spectulation flew over the RCA accusation, and people were thinking that Drew would be spending his better days in Piracy Prison. But according to Radio sources, RCA contacted Radio stations around the country and informed them that due to a "leak", The National Release of Where Are You Going would be moved up 10 days, to May 10th.

The original plan was for the song to have it's world debut on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, with radio stations obtaining the song on the 15th and placing the song into rotation on the 20th, according to sources familiar with radio activities (am.org 4/25/02 news item - read a few stories down). Radio stations in Chicago and Philadelphia obtained Where Are You Going and began playing it that evening, as early as 7 pm ET. Stations around the country did the same at about the same time. www.dmband.com released the single on the 13th.

And all of this happened because the song appeared on 2 message boards.

Drew isn't exactly thrilled with his newfound fame outside the immediate DMB world, "...But I am happy that I was able to spread the music, because that's what it is all about."

Where Are You Going has it's official non-internet world debut May 14th as previously scheduled. If your local radio station isn't playing it yet, call them and ask for it. Tell 'em Drew sent you.

The views and comments expressed in this article do not necessarily represent those of antsmarching.org.


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