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Here We Go Again - The 2004 Tour

By Jake Vigliotti
June 11, 2004

Tour '04 is approaching, or is here, depending on when you read this. Rather than do my usual batch of near-perfect predictions, I'm prepared to grovel.

I like Everyday. No, not the album, that is evil incarnate. The song Everyday is an improvement over what became of #36. Remember back in 1999-2000-ish, you'd see the most misnamed threesome of singers emerge from stage right and start bellowing, "Honey Honey...". Guggh.... Even with the "Ladies" butchering of Everyday, it was an improvement overall, because the lyrics no longer sounded like some corny high school dance, "Standing in the corner, all by yourself." Dave's written better prose.

DMB put together the song #36 on the day Chris Hani died (according to Davespeak from 1993), April 10, 1993. Chris Hani was a South African who, besides being the President of the Communist Party of South Africa, fought for years the oppression known as apartheid. He was also a friend of Dave's (more Davespeak). So the band takes this funky beat, one of their best jams, and puts all these lyrics about dying, getting shot all-sorts-of-up. It's the duality of man. The song, as #36 originally was, played like a giant F-you to the killers. Side-note, if you ever do a search for #36 lyrics, almost every one of em contains the original "Hani" lyrics. The band only played the song for about 5 months or so in that form. I know what you're thinking, 'but I read it on the internet, so it must be true', but alas, the curtain is pulled back on the truth.

Just once, one show, I'd like Dave to announce, 'We wrote this song once, and it was about a friend of mine, and then we changed it. Well, now we're going to play it like we used to. This song is about Chris Hani, I don't know if y'all know who he is, but he got shot in South Africa. So we dedicate this song to him. It's called #36'. Go ahead, Dave, you can have it. It even rambles a bit; perfect for you.

Now, of course I should stop there and be happy, but since humans are greedy by nature, I'd be remiss if I didn't throw out a few more demands:

- We know the Everyday songs are coming, they're a layup for the band. Just keep 'em pithy. No need to stretch out the ending of So Right six minutes. We get the picture on the outro, it's the same notes over and over again.

- Rhyme and Reason has been played 400 times in 10 years. That's a lot. Don't get me wrong, I like the song a lot, but maybe a little down time might make it ferment a bit better.

- I know, everyone says, 'bring back this... bring back that'. I don't want a song, per se, I'd rather a jam. Back in 1993, there was this great little jam by the name of Doobie Thing, it was played in juncture with either Recently or Ants, and it was sweet. If the "Pretty Pretty Girl" outro can come back, why can't Doobie Thing?

- Unless you find that lost verse for Grey Street, leave it in the bag.

- The songs you brought back last year were great. Everyone was thrilled to hear Dreaming Tree again. The lost gem really was Spoon. That's a song that never made it full band before. If any song deserves another run, it is Spoon.

- We are all pretty confident we're going to get two new songs that you guys have tried out in studio. We'll gladly take that. I speak for the group when I say, don't rush it. And don't be afraid to re-word the songs drastically. We're a forgiving group (as a whole), and that will help fuel the debate over which version is better. It gives us something to argue about. People still swear by the early versions of Grey Street (I like the album version myself).

- Want to put an old song on the new album? Have one of the crew pull out the 10.22.91 Spotlight, write down the lyrics, and give it a whirl (you can even download it from antsmarching.org, because we care). After listening to those lyrics, and touching them up, Spotlight will no longer be a 'puke' song.

- While I'm dredging up old songs, do all of us a favor: If you take an old song, and it's been released on an album of any kind, don't rename it. Who is the marketing genius who came up with An' Another Thing? No one calls it that, even the road crew still called it Little Thing. All that accomplished was confusing the beegeebes out of some casual fans. You want to re-do Heathcliff's Haiku Warriors and call it The Ghost of Ned's Atomic Dustbin? Fine. As long as it hasn't been released on a DMB album, I think we'll all be fine with it. We all survived the Crazy/Captain switch, but please don't pull well, an An' Another Thing.

- Need a new song to tease somewhere? Try dropping Alice In Chain's Rooster into Jimi Thing. If For What It's Worth can work there, Rooster would be nice. It would work with a little bit of For What It's Worth also, a little balancing act. But I doubt DMB has the grapes to try that.

- Please don't play Fool To Think night 1 of the West Palm Beach shows. That's a personal request.

Everyone have fun and be safe during the '04 tour, and remember, if you stop saying 'woo', maybe they'll go back to the old intro.

The views and comments expressed in this article do not necessarily represent those of antsmarching.org.


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