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2017 Dave and Tim

By Bo Pearson

Dave Matthews Band announced they would be taking the year off for 2017 after 25 consecutive years of working the road, making towns, selling out arenas, and putting smiles on faces (except when Mercy gets played. No one smiles for Mercy unless they were in the music video.) This sent shockwaves of panic throughout the community. What will this mean for the future of the band? Is this going to be the end of Dave Matthews Band? Are they taking the year off to record an album? But the question most prescient to many an Ant Marching was…”What am I going to do this summer?”

Thankfully for those with expendable income and an appetite for good times, a couple of weeks ago a tour with the popular Dave Matthews “side project” Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds was announced, hitting Europe and then later North America. The announcement came just before a series of five shows were announced to be played; two in Texas and three in a Mexican resort. While the lack of West Coast dates (for now) has brought some concern, some shows being played is a far more encouraging thing than a legitimate year off.

The two Texas shows were played the last couple of days, something of a warm up for the upcoming Dave and Tim tour. If they are representative of shows to come, then fans are in for a real treat. Newer songs such as Bismarck, Bob Law, Samurai Cop, Virginia in the Rain and Black and Blue Bird were played, alongside such classic hits as Ants Marching (obviously), Two Step, #41, Crush, and Don’t Drink the Water. These older classics are typically to be expected, but the real treat came in songs such as Rapunzel (not played as a Dave and Tim song since 1999) and Cry Freedom (played more frequently, but is always special to hear.)

The Mexican resort should be a blast as well, with quality openers Aldo Lopez-Gavilan, Carlos Varela, and Vusi Mahlasela. PBS’s “Seasons of Cuba” Lopez-Gavilan, which also featured Dave, is slated to appear as well. Carlos Varela has become someone hardcore fans of DMB are becoming far more accustomed to, after many were introduced to “The Poet of Havana” through the Seasons of Cuba show. Mr. Varela and Dave played five songs together at the show, the first being a composition of Carlos’, three being Dave Matthews originals, and the final song at the featured all members of the show. Vusi Mahlasela is a long-time favorite opener and guest for DMB. With any hope, all of these brilliant artists will be able to perform along-side Dave and Tim during their sets.

Starting March 20th, Mr. Matthews and Mr. Reynolds will be traveling to England, going all throughout Europe until finishing the European leg in Portugal. Portuguese crowds are legendary for Dave Matthews’ related shows, with the album Live Trax 10 being released primarily because of how incredible the crowd energy was. Then the men will be heading back to the states to tour amazing venues, including long time favorites Blossom Music Center, Jones Beach, PNC, and veritable heavyweight venue SPAC. With any luck, Dave and Tim will go through the catalogue as they’ve done in the first two shows and continue to make us all smile.

All in all, Dave Matthews is embarking on one of the busiest vacations known to man, putting even Mike Patton to shame. Just remember, if Dave and Tim didn’t decide to tour this year, you may have had to do something else like go see U2 or spend time with your families.Awful. So please, pay them back for the favor they’ve done you by touring and go see a show or thirty this summer.

The views and comments expressed in this article do not necessarily represent those of antsmarching.org.


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