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2003 Tour Preview

By Jake Vigliotti
June 15, 2003

It's tour time, again.

Well, full band tour time.

So it's tour prediction time again. But rather than push the odds and take another shot at correctly predicting the return of a song, like I did with Dancing Nancies, I'll quit while I'm ahead (and not counting the ones I got wrong) with a perfect 1.000 batting average. But enough with the wasting of space to meet a word quota, in order to meet a word quota (made it); it's on to the important stuff.

During your Dave Matthews Band 2003 tour, here are some helpful hints and things to watch for:

--They're probably going to play Warehouse this tour. When they start the song, from the first note, keep an eye on Stefan. Just watch what he does to that bass. It's amazing. He'll end up contorting his hands and basically beating that thing to death before Dave even begins singing the first note. That's worth your Warehouse Convienence Fee along.

--During a jam, watch the interaction between the band. Most of the time, you can see the improv occuring, as Dave will wonder back and say something to Carter or Stefan. That's the beauty of the band, their ability to freestyle on a whim. When Dave heads for the drums during a jam, things are afoot.

--Hey, you in the front 10 rows, not only does everyone else hate you for the duration of the concert, but you might be able to throw your weight around to a tease or something. In the past few years, Dave has strummed chords to Little Thing, and I'll Back You Up reacting to a sign held by a fan. But, choose your sign wisely, holding up a "Dressed In Black" sign will only make the band think you like The Matrix or something.

--Speaking of signs, don't be that guy holding up the #41 sign the entire show. Especially during songs. On second thought, don't request #41. In fact, don't even bring a sign, just yell for a song real loud, but only once. And tell the person next to you to do the same and spread the word.

--Dave doesn't need a yell affermation for everything he says. I listened to the 4.4.03, Dave mentions that Grace Is Gone is about a lost loved one. Some Girl screams like she won the lottery. "Yea!! dead relatives!!" Just think before you yell.

--Quick quiz: Name the 3 songs that have not been played full band live after appearing on an album. If you said #34 and Dreams Of Our Fathers, you'd be correct.

If you realized that Busted Stuff also has not been played full band live since it's eponymous album's release, you get 5 points added to your final grade. Maybe it'll make it's return to a full band show.

--speaking of returns, in the Dave and Tim tour, Dave reverted to the "Lillywhite" sessions lyrics for Busted Stuff and Big Eyed Fish. Will these lyrics return? It's not a reach to say that the BS and BEF versions were better on the leaked album, so keep a keen ear to the lyrics sung by Dave should you catch either one of those.

--If you arrive early enough, try and sneak a peek at the setlists they print out for the band, lighting, and sound guys. Don't go blabbing to everyone what song is coming up next, use your powers of foresight to impress a member of the sex that you find most appealing. Or just find that one person who is way too intoxicated to even stand up for Ants Marching and bet him you can predict what song will come next. Repeat.

--Dave cares about your bladder. He's mentioned it in stories during the Dave and Tim tour that no one can hold it forever, or your bladder will burst (at least that's what his brother says). So, fear not, young beer drinker, they'll bust out a Sleep To Dream Her, or Fool To Think, or So Right, or What You Are so you can run up and make life good again.

--What You Are. What You Are not is improved because Dave drops an 'f'-bomb at the end. You can like the song, you can think it's improved, but don't site an f-bomb as your reason for liking the song. I'm off my high horse now, back to the ramblings.

--Opening acts are people too. Don't be afraid to pop in the venue and give a listen. Besides the fact that Dave personally introduces each act, you may actually enjoy the band!

--Hold on to your hats. If Tim Reynolds shows up at your show, you're in for a jamming treat. Tim can make I'll Back You Up sound mean, and when they get into a longer, jamming, song, Tim will blast off into space.

--I don't want to be that guy who says, 'play this', but with the passing of Big Voice Jack Lerole, the boys should really play 'Back To Alexandria' as a tribute to the Pennywhistle extordinare. Just once, that'd be classy.

--They will play that one cover song that will shock you. Last year it was Sex Machine. The odds are it will happen, so be on the lookout for Nancy Sinatra's These Boots Are Made For Walking, or something to the liking of that. You know Roi would tear up Boots, just tear it up!

--To the rookies, attending your first DMB show. A fond memory of your first show should not include passing out before the band hits the stage. Water is your friend, especially when tailgating. Drinking mass quantities of alcohol is not a right of passage at a DMB show, believe it or not. The word on the street is the shows are actually quite fetching without the inflated self-esteem that makes you scream for every song, especially you two girls that sat behind me in Tampa last year.

--Don't forget the Set List game either, because this year, we're giving away fabulous prizes!!

This year's top prize, to our first place winner of the Set List Game will receive the entire 2003 run of recordings of DMB shows (that are availible)!!! Second prize will recieve 8 shows from that run, and third prize receives a location run (for example, all the shows from the Gorge 2-day run).

So get to predicting!!

The views and comments expressed in this article do not necessarily represent those of antsmarching.org.


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