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Counter-Point We Are The Blame

By Ryan

Ants Marching used to be a place where I would come and praise the band and usually 1 out of every 5 would have something negative to say. When that ratio started to work heavier and heavier out of my favor that was when I tuned out all the way. From 2005-2009 I was extremely active on the message boards here. Getting to know awesome fans, interacting, networking, and appreciating what this band had to offer. I have been a big DMB fan since 2002. (The Gorge N3 Encore in 2002 hooked me). As my love for the users of this site died, my love for the band stayed the same. This band has brought me through some of the biggest challenges in my life. I appreciate and acknowledge everyone’s opinion here on Antsmarching.org. I think one of the greatest observations we can all make, we all come from the same thing. We all popped in our first DMB cd (no matter the album) and felt the vibes this band communicates to us. Whether you love remember two things or you started listening when Everyday came out. We all love this band and know them in an out. This brings us to the 2015 tour… The second year of the two sets feature.

DMB2Sets is a fun experience. I hope it doesn’t continue beyond 2015 unless they really start doing some amazing things in the acoustic set. They have debuted a few songs that had never been played “acoustic” before which is very cool. I think the majority has a bad taste in their mouth due to the expectation of seeing songs that have never been played or have rarely been played (Let You Down). The smartest thing the band ever accomplished in the acoustic set was breaking out Rhyme & Reason. The Dave solo openers should be a staple because the old fans eat that up. It brings them back to the early days. There really is not much to say about this tour yet. I will have more of a take once we get passed Hartford and Mansfield.

I have been a fan that has over analyzed and criticized this band. I made it a point to watch a live set list every night they played. I wanted to see what was happening at that exact moment. The band had me captivated. Since I have taken a step back, I have been able to enjoy this band for what they are more. Since 2012 I have been going to shows with really no information on the set list. I have found that you will be surprised and refreshed if you don’t know what is coming. Like I said, I will have more opinions after Hartford and Mansfield. I am excited to see how the band handles the set list with one night in Hartford. There is a lot to look forward to. A new album and a summer tour that is just getting underway! Let’s have a great year everyone!

The views and comments expressed in this article do not necessarily represent those of antsmarching.org.


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