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2013 NCAA Tournament Picks

By Jake Vigliotti
March 17, 2013


There was some laddies called Hoosiers
They certainly were not losers
Sweet Sixteen, on they went
Temple, on the way, Were spent
(Indiana, and Temple over NCST; Indiana over Temple)

Cal gets lucky, almost a home game
The Runniní Rebels, feel the pain
Syracuse thinks itís a bonanza
But they slip up, against Montana
(Cal over UNLV, Montana over Syracuse; Montana over Cal)

Butler once made your brackets look like hell
But that doesnít mean they lose to Bucknell
Marquette comes out of the Big East
Davidson will win by 6, at least
(Butler over Bucknell, Davidson over Marquette; Butler over Davidson)

Miami won the ACC
Pacific will play them; they flee
Colorado advances and meets the Canes
Beach beats mountains, unless youíre insane
(Miami over Pacific, Colorado over Illinois; Miami over Colorado)


Gonzaga is no longer a Cinderella
Pittsburgh is talented, but come on now, fella!
The Panthers will get knocked off their rockers
After losing to the Wichita St Shockers
(Gonzaga over Southern, Wichita St over Pittsburgh; Gonzaga over Wichita St)

Rye Wiscy, Ole Miss, opposite styles
I like the slow ones, to win by miles
K St plays the winner, or the play in
It doesnít matter who they play, itís a sin
(Wisconsin over Ole Miss, Kansas St over Boise St; Wisconsin over Kansas St)

Arizona back in a familiar place
Belmont will knock them, flat on their face
Harvard is the place with the brains
New Mexico is the match-up that brings them pains
(Belmont over Arizona, New Mexico over Harvard; New Mexico over Belmont)

In a limerick, like Notre Dame?
No way, they go out like a flame
The number 2 seed is the Buckeyes
They beat on Iona, like swats on flies
(Ohio St over Iona, Iowa St over Notre Dame; Ohio St over Iowa St)


Louisville is the #1 seed
Upon a 16 they shall feed
Tougher game versus Colorado St
But itís the Cardinals, a team of fate
(Louisville over NCa&t, Colorado St over Missouri; Louisville over Colorado St)

Oregonís seed makes them cry
Oklahoma St will show them exactly why
St Louis can get by the Aggies
And then make the Cowboys pants look saggy
(OKST over Oregon; St Louis over NMST; St. Louis over OKST)

Middle Tennessee doesnít belong
Two wins later, proves everyone wrong
To get 3 wins means getting by Tom Izzo
Michigan St will make them need pepto bismol
(Middle Tenn over Memphis, Michigan St over Valparaiso; Michigan St over MTSU)

Duke is Duke, loved by Dickie V
They have no problem with Albany
Itís the 32 where they lose salvation
Itís the team from Nebraska, Creighton
(Duke over Albany, Creighton over Cincinnati; Creighton over Duke)


Rock Chalk Jay Hawk
A #1 seed, is not a knock
They face North Carolina in round 2
Things are looking Carolina Blue
(Kansas over Western Kentucky, North Carolina over Villanova; North Carolina over Kansas)

VCU is fast and pressing
Things for Akron look depressing
As for Michigan, itís old habits
First round loss to the Jackrabbits
(VCU over Akron, SDST over Michigan; VCU over SDST)

Minnesota is the Golden Gopher
They take out UCLA, thatís for sure
Florida is a team that has big wins,
For two rounds, itís no sinks, all swims
(Minnesota over UCLA, Florida over NW State; Florida over Minnesota)

You couldnít find Florida Gulf Coast on a Map
But for Georgetown Hoyas, ďItís a Trap!Ē
That sets up well for San Diego St
To the sweet sixteen, yea, thatís great
(FL G.C. over Georgetown, SDST over Oklahoma; SDST over FL G.C.)

Sweet 16


Montanaís run stops in the 16
The Hoosiers win as easily as a dream
Butlerís run stops right there
Miami then beats Indiana, just by a hair
(Indiana over Montana, Miami over Butler; Miami over Indiana)


Tough D is the calling card of the Badgers
Gonzaga has no respect, and they have daggers
For the Buckeyes, gas em up, just like Texaco
Indiana gets by easily, over New Mexico
Itís easy to rhyme a word with Buckeye
But Gonzaga will make them say ďbye byeĒ
(Gonzaga over Wisconsin, Ohio St over New Mexico; Gonzaga over Ohio St)


VCU is the upset team
Too much team speed, Tar Heels kneed
Florida seems to have a cake walk
Until VCU faces them, and talks the talk
(VCU over North Carolina, Florida over SDST; VCU over Florida)


Louisville tough match up for St Louis
The Billikens will make them feel the bluest
Michigan St gets by Creighton
My love affair with Izzo, has me elatiní
(St. Louis over Louisville, Michigan St over Creighton; Michigan St over St. Louis)

Final Four

Bulldogs Spartie Rams, Canes
Gonzaga cuts the nets, the rest in flames

Gonzaga is your national champion, beating Miami

The views and comments expressed in this article do not necessarily represent those of antsmarching.org.


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